Thursday, November 2, 2006


As a newlywed, I never thought that I'd really be starting a 'new life.' But that's totally what happens. And with that 'new life' there are some things (OK ppl) that I miss.

The other day (just a few days after the wedding) the BM that used to be my neighbor told me how she was taking the subway home and she thought to herself how she may run into me at the bus stop. Then she realized that that wouldn't happen b/c I no longer live there. As she told me her thought process, I got a little verklempt. We now live miles apart and there won't be any more of those chance encounters -- we'll actually have to make appointments (ack! plan?!) to see each other. :(

I actually miss my parents. As crazy as they drove me during the wedding planning, I miss their presence. I'm getting a little teary-eyed as I write this. I regret not having better communication with them before because now it is awkward for me to express emotion in front of them. :P I wonder what it is like for them to come home and see my empty room, knowing I won't sleep there that night.

I also miss my weird, amusingly irreverent brother (I also want to be able to keep an eye on him). :) There were times I found his blasting music annoying, but as the years went by, his taste mellowed out and some stuff were actually quite decent. It was a great compliment to have him say that the music I chose for the wedding banquet was pretty good (though I have gripes about that -- my review yet to come, I know). But does the fool (an affectionate term between us) know that I was able to narrow down a lot of choices by sifting through his massive collection of mp3s (a suitcase full of burned CDs and DVDs)? I've always looked up to him for his opinion on computers and other gadgets. I'll miss how we can say just one word or phrase that only means something ridiculously funny to the both of us and that'll keep us amused for at least 5 minutes (like "walnut meats"). There's more to say about the nugget but so hard to sum up (with less than a year difference between us, we've grown up together practically as twins). I wonder if we'll ever really see each other now, especially with his busyness on the weekends. I just hope he'll be able to find someone who can bring out his good qualities (believe it or not, there are some :P And no, I'm not trying to pimp him out).

Despite all that is missing, there's a lot of good stuff happening too. With the move to Queens, I live closer to a lot of friends too. It's easier to see these groups of people and be able to hang out with them without having to worry about getting home hours later. Now if only we could (afford to) live in Manhattan and be able to bridge the two worlds (or would that just alienate us from both groups?).

NOTE: It's taken me a while to complete this entry (I started it last week) because I have had to pause every so often to prevent the puffy eyes (how sappy am I?!).

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