Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I've refrained from talking about work b/c in some ways I'm afraid (paranoid, even) that someone will find out about this site. Not that I mind telling ppl what's going on with the wedding planning b/c they certainly do ask and I do tell (and in some ways this site would make it so much easier to share the details) but I don't want them to know how much I've abused my job. For one, everyone knows you're in this 'work limbo' b/c you basically have a second job once you start wedding planning and you're very often distracted -- I can't tell you the countless hours I've been surfing when I should not have been. Two, I've used various office resources to varying degrees, details which I won't divulge here. So I feel really bad that my boss has been really understanding and nice about everything. I felt especially guilty (yet kinda special) when my boss called a meeting to arrange our schedules for the upcoming year's projects (he normally doesn't but wanted to make sure things didn't conflict with my personal life). I have been (still am) concerned about the timing of everything b/c a huge project comes to fruition right around the time of the wedding. Things always pop up so I may feel especially guilty if I were to go on a long honeymoon (which I want to, but from the looks of not planning any part of it, aren't likely). I was also really touched when he was doling out assignments and a co-worker (newly married herself) said she'd take whichever one would help me out the most. Awww... I am so lucky that I work with such a great group.

So, that also brings the dilemma of whether or not to invite them to the wedding. I really feel like they're a big part of my life (how many hours do I spend at work? more time than with fiance, sadly) and I would really like to share it with them, especially my boss. I think at least one of them is really curious to see how everything turns out, from my reactions throughout the day (since I am usually reserved and quite stoic at work) to all the details I've been working on. And the truth is, I would like all but one of them there -- there is one co-worker who is very likely the black sheep of the group b/c she does different work from us and is, in short, of a different era (in terms of thinking, values, technology, etc.). I do talk to her but sometimes I think she can be... er... closeminded about a lot of things, especially cultural things (though she has surprised me before). I'm almost positive she will be repulsed by half the menu. And what she will manage to eat, she'll find not fitting to her taste (she thinks take-out Chinese is representative of Chinese cuisine and I really haven't been able to convince her that it's really Americanized food). But all this to say, I can't invite everyone but her. And to throw in another wrench, another co-worker is vegan. Also do I invite their significant others too? It's weird b/c I haven't met all of them and I think it may be weird for them, especially the gay ones. Yet I think they'd probably enjoy it more when paired up. Hard to say... to invite or not to invite?


Sam said...

Invite only if they are HOT, SINGLE, STRAIGHT, GUYS you can hook me up with :)

Plumsauce said...

I guess it depends, how long have you worked there? Do you all socialize outside the work environment? I think most ppl invite their coworkers though just to avoid the possible drama. If cost is a concern, maybe have an A-list and B-list. If a certain number of A-list ppl don't show, then start inviting your coworkers.