Monday, July 10, 2006

Weekend update

There are a million things that I want to blog about and in many cases I've started the entry but haven't yet finished it so, like everything wedding planning, I have a lot of things hanging in limbo. To the reader who inquired about tea ceremonies, I will do some research and give my take on it sometime this week (hopefully!). For now, I am due for a little update. My family and I have been toiling away since July 4 weekend on painting our door and fence. Things need to be pretty, nice and orderly for when the pig is delivered. We're not planning on doing the bridal door games on the day of, otherwise I'd have a cow that our door was painted very badly. So, in short, between the rain, my multiple tasks and events, I've been painting. Note that we're still not done -- we're finally finished with the primer though and we have do the whole thing again with the final coat.

When not painting, and while in Queens, I've been assembling invitations (all the stuff is at fiance's place and he has more room). Thankfully, my BM helped me out a little this past Saturday (she too got frustrated w/ my anal specifications for gluing) while the World Cup blared in the background (I can't believe I missed so many games this year due to wedding planning!!). With fiance's help, we finished the web site announcement cards (last minute addition), glued a few more invites and ribbons, cut the remaining RSVP cards (I hope I printed enough!) and decided on adding a vellum back to the little seal on the front. The vellum makes the invitation look more polished, the little extra that fulfills the missing thing that I couldn't quite put my finger on before. However the fact that the glue pens we purchased from Staples sucks was fully confirmed and I need to buy some better adhesive.

Earlier in the day, BM also took me to her hairdresser where I could test him out for the wedding and also be all done up for the wedding I was to attend in the evening. He works kinda slow (and smokes at every chance he can get) but in the past I've been happily surprised with his handiwork. What I've always liked about him is that he does what works with your face shape. For instance, I was set on having a wavy look in the front that would shield my large forehead and mask some of the angularness of my face and he tried that at the beginning but then said he'd try something else since my face is round and would change it back if I didn't like it. Turns out, I did like it. He gave me a little bump on the top (totally can't remember what that's called) to elongate my face and in the back, he did a very simple twist with the ends hanging in a slightly messy look. At first he curled all my hair and that made me wonder what I'd look like with a perm but as the day wore on, I think the curls in the back fell out. He spent a lot of time getting each of the pieces in the exact right place and finished off with some hairspray. I didn't end up looking like my head was totally stiff like the place I tried in Brooklyn so I was pretty happy. The only thing is I'm not sure how this would work on the day of, especially since I will be wearing a veil and possibly a headpiece (I would have brought those for him to see except I don't have them yet b/c I can't decide on anything!). I think he'll be able to work it in though.

pics in the car

hair after the long day of running around
After this we went to Sephora b/c I wanted to pick up a foundation. I met my potential makeup artist there and she tried on various foundations for me. I really couldn't tell the difference between all the ones that she tried on me (Nars Oil Free, Lorac Oil Free, Chanel, Bare Minerals kit, and another one that I don't remember) b/c I think I need to feel it on me for longer than 2 minutes. So she left the Bare Minerals one on me (the kit consists of a liquid primer and a powder that you brush on over it, and some darker powder that you can use as blush) and gave me a sample of the Nars to try during the week. (I am wearing the Nars right now and it makes my face look flawless yet is not very oily and gloopy but I haven't come to a final decision yet -- what else is new?) I also said that I wanted to try on a different lipstick so she put Sephora's #83 on me and I really like it. All previous trials ppl have put some sort of pink on me and it just never sat well with me. An added bonus to this little trip -- I only had to put on my eye makeup for the wedding in the evening!

The wedding that night was alright -- details on that to follow -- and the following day we skipped church to check out some open houses. Still nothing to report there though we did come across some very nice buildings that would be nice to live in.

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