Thursday, August 3, 2006

A Renaissance wedding on GG

To make the hours between 9-5 less boring, I decided to recap another wedding from Gilmore Girls. This one took place two seasons before Lane's, was much less cooler, had an even more annoying groom, and a pretty darn annoying bride as well (though not a bridezilla).

The wedding is between Luke's sister, Liz, and TJ, who met on the Renaissance Fair circuit. So naturally their wedding is all Renaissance, medieval stuff.

Preparations include children practicing Maypole dancing for the wedding (no footage of them at the actual wedding though, I think). I have no idea whether or not Maypole dancing is period-appropriate but it is kinda nice.

Luke makes turkey legs in his diner b/c the caterer canceled. Btw, why is eating a huge piece of poultry often associated with medieval times? It sure looks tasty though. Too bad it's turkey.

Then there is a surprise bachelorette party in Luke's Diner. (ick! Aren't there health codes to abide by? Where's anal Doose
when you need him? And would you want the public to see all that -- the windows are not tinted glass?!)

The musicians -- you can hear the flute/recorder most clearly, resonating from the town center.

Here are some guests in period dress

Bride gets some last minute dress-fixing.

Everyone awaits the start of the ceremony -- it does look quite festive.

Instead of a flower girl, two women dance down the aisle tossing roses. (I remember this scene was quite pretty but unfortunately I don't have an image.) Then a jester does somersaults down the aisle.

The goofy (and annoying) groom walks down the aisle talking about how great his tights are and thanks Luke for keeping his pits dry (he borrowed Luke's deodorant w/o asking).

The bride arrives in a cart pushed by two men.

Then she is escorted by her son Jess (I think she needs to hold her flowers better).

The groom waits for his bride w/ his brother, the best man (also very irritating).

After Jess gives his mother away, the minister begins by singing a weird/silly song about sharing board games as kids and now love is the greatest toy to share. The audience (more like L&L) try not to break out laughing.

There is a sword ceremony, where the couple plunges a sword into a tree stump. No explanation is given about the reason for this, but it reminds me of King Arthur's sword, like their love will last so long as the sword is not removed. Or is it like the saying, turning weapons into plowshares -- putting away the sword for love? Eh, whatever. After this, the couple exchanges sappy vows.

There is a reception in the town center, complete with the turkey legs and other food (that ppl eat without utensils).

Check out the decor -- down to the tin cups ppl used to drink out of.

B&G greet guests

The town all pretty, lit up

Kirk, the DJ

My favorite scene in the episode (that, is until they actually get together and just become a boring couple) -- Luke & Lorelai dance closer and closer (see the decorations in the background -- is that a pair of knights?).
I liked how the Renaissance theme was carried throughout this (fake) wedding though it's probably too over the top (and totally not my style) for me. Now let me stop wasting time and do something productive....

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