Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tip kit

Yay! I participated in some contest and won Paper Bride's Wedding Tip Kit. It consists of 10 lavender envelopes with the word "thank you" printed on the front in a cute font and the intention is to use them to give tips to vendors. Though this will not be very useful for most of the vendors that we'll be dealing with b/c we'll most likely be using the Chinese red envelopes (besides there are only 10 in the pack), I found the little guide in the back very helpful.
According to the guide, the suggested/going rates are:
  • hair/make-up -- 15-20%
  • delivery ppl -- $5-10 each
  • officiant -- $100-200 (or donation)
  • parking/coat check -- $1 per car/guest
  • waitstaff -- $20-30 per staff member (nt sure how this works w/ Chinese restaurants w/ the massive tipping and alcohol delivery the day before; I think the Chinese way is to also tip the head chef)
  • manager/head waiter -- $100-200
  • bartender -- $20 per staff member
  • band musicians -- $25+ each (how does this apply to DJs?)
  • limo driver -- 15-20%
  • photographer/videographer -- $50+
Supposedly you don't have to tip the bridal salon (good, those blood suckers!!!), cake baker (but what if she delivers the cake for you too?), florist, stationery designer (myself?), or "those vendors who own their own companies" (I have no idea what that means b/c my photographer, for instance, runs his own business -- does that mean he shouldn't be tipped?).

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