Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Breast Cancer Site

Almost every day I click on the Breast Cancer Site because it helps fund free mammograms for women in need. The other day they were advertising something that looked interesting (don't remember what now) from their store. As I surfed around, I saw lots of cool stuff, including jewelry, clothing, and crafts made by artisans around the world. (I bought something for the BMs -- hope it's as nice as the picture on their site.)

I thought these Shona stone statues were really neat and could possibly be used as a cake topper, sit on the sign-in table, or given as a gift to a couple. They also have different designs, like a dancing couple in the shape of a heart or a family of three (maybe for an expecting couple?). The statues are handmade by a tribe in Zimbabwe and I like how they have a very modern, minimalist look to it. Unfortunately it wouldn't fit in very well with our theme, but maybe a future gift for someone (or when we have a place to decorate). And the best part is that each purchase is for a good cause -- a portion of the price of each item goes toward a free mammogram for someone in need. They also have a one-cent shipping special right now!

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