Thursday, April 6, 2006

Ceremony ideas

From AnneAlex I got some really good ideas for programs. I like how they write "You are invited to participate in a group photo" and "The bride and groom will greet guests during the reception" at the end b/c I dislike receiving lines and Chinese ppl do the toasts at each table during the banquet anyway. I also like the readings that they use, though I'm not sure who comes up with the elements of a religious ceremony (minister? us?). And I'm not sure if I can include a non-religious reading in a religious ceremony (I really want to include both a reading from the Bible and, given my love for reading, 'secular' literature). But if it's not possible, I'm OK with the Christopher Marlowe poem that AnneAlex used.

Clicking through her site (and someone else's), I also got the idea of 'audience participation': instead of the usual clinking of glasses to make us kiss, they suggest variations of making guests act out how they want us to kiss. This may be a bit dangerous as I know how rowdy some ppl can get so we may have to have the DJ/MC pull couple's names out of a hat (and not include certain ppl's names :P).

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