Sunday, April 9, 2006

Productive weekend

We got quite a bit accomplished this weekend compared to previous weekends. Saturday I dropped off my dress at Pinpoint for alterations/repair. They changed their name to "Pinpoint Bridal" on their awning (probably to secure more wedding business, which is probably more lucrative) and they remodeled so it was a little difficult to recognize the place. Like my previous excursions to look for a dress and the last time that I was there for an estimate, it was pouring. This time it was cold too, and at times it was sleeting. But finally, that part is done. Why did it take me so long, you ask? Well I was torn between Pinpoint, who gave me an estimate of about $400 for everything (beading to cover the side rip plus on the other side for symmetry, beading for the rip below the zipper, bust dart, bra cups, sewing in a bustle, shortening straps, hemming the bottom) and a friend of a friend who has experience in this. As I was deciding, a co-worker offered a tailor that her fellow churchgoers all go to and trust. She promised that it would be a good deal, etc. but for weeks she was never able to give me the information. So when I finally decided to forget her, the friend of a friend had already moved on and is too busy to help me out. Anyway, it's finally done and I can pick it up in July, then get it cleaned.

Then we experimented with different ways that we can protect the leaves that we gathered and pressed way back in October. Yes, we gathered a lot of leaves last fall, laid them between paper towels and newspapers and weighed them down between books. This produced perfectly flat, dry leaves, still retaining the color. However, they are kinda brittle and I had intended on
dipping them in paraffin or beeswax but I misread the instructions on the web and it turns out that waxing should have been done INSTEAD of pressing them. So, recalling an art teacher who sprayed our work with aerosol hairspray to preserve it (she said it was the same thing as those expensive art shellacs), I thought we could do something similar. Fiance suggested hair gel, since he has a whole bunch that he once bought but never used b/c he didn't like that stiff look. At first we thought to try to spray it like spray gel by diluting it with a lot of water so that it could still be misted, but the concentration wasn't strong enough and the leaf was still pretty brittle. We were eager to see what happens when the leaf dried up so we took a blow dryer to it. Interestingly, it dried the leaf in a kinda curled up way -- an effect of the gel holding it in that position against the force of the air, I guess. Then we diluted the gel w/ very little water and 'painted' it on with my finger (since we didn't have any brushes). I also put some on half of the leaf in the back to see if it's better to do front and back or if just front is OK. This time we didn't use the blow dryer and in the morning, the 'painted' leaf looked pretty good. It has a sheen to it (otherwise it is kinda dull) and is definitely stronger, especially the part that is gelled on both sides. The surface is also not completely shiny so you can still write on it. Woo hoo! So this afternoon we bought 2 paintbrushes from the 99 cent store and hopefully next week we can get these all gelled up.

Today we also went to our banquet hall to meet with FFIL's connection and to ask all our questions. The guy seemed a little abrupt at times but he, like this other guy that FFIL knows, seemed pretty important -- when the other workers saw us all, they were bending over backwards to bring us tea and food. Anyway, the guy said that there would be a renovation in August (they are closed for that whole month) and he assured us that it would be all done in time for us. Thank goodness b/c I think they really need an update. I think some of their updates have already begun, with new tablecloths (they were being delivered as we left) and new chairs (woo hoo!! no need for chair covers!). We also got a rundown of what's included in the basic menu (not sure whether he's giving us a discount b/c he knows us), with upgrades to lobster salad and something else, if we wanted. We're supposed to meet up w/ him again in September to hammer out the specifics of the menu and to check out the renovation. He can also provide a dim sum buffet for our cocktail hour, for which the dim sum are charged by the piece, not by the plate as at regular dim sum time. Some other points:
- we can bring our own alcohol for the bar, which is cheaper than for them to provide it
- they can provide a bartender for the night for $150 (he recommended 2 but I think one will be fine)
- we have the place until 11:30pm and we can begin setup as early as 4pm
- he can provide food for our vendors
- he can provide a different/special menu for 'lo fan' who may not want to eat such exotic fare
- we have to decide on what color tablecloth; their options are Chinese red, cream, white, pink (definitely not pink!)
- the option for chair covers is $2.25 per chair and they only have a gold color (it's very Chinese-looking, even with a frog closure -- like what they have w/qi paos -- sewed onto the back)

And besides all these done items, I managed to get a whole lotta AGITA from the out-laws re: invitations but that griping will be for another time b/c I actually want to be able to sleep tonight.


tinyscribbler said...

This place sounds pretty nice. I love frog closures! Can you please email me the name of the resturant? Thanks!

myBFCW said...

Hi tinyscribbler,
Please email me at for more info. Thanks!

Miss Ant said...

Hi there,

This is Miss Ant from weddingbee. I'm looking around for tailors that specialize in bridal alterations. Did you find any place other than Pinpoint Bridal?

Also, how did your experience with them go? Did they do a good job? How much did they charge?

Please let me know. I appreciate it, thanks!!!!