Saturday, June 24, 2006

Congratulations J & S!

As I blogged about before, I went to a friend's wedding 2 weeks ago. I was supposedly an usher but I really was useless most of the time b/c the other usher (my BM, I'm so thinking of elevating her to MOH which I had always intended but not sure how that would work w/ no best man) did EVERYTHING. She gave the limo driver exact directions from the church to the restaurant as we hit traffic or construction at every turn, she picked out almost everyone's escort card b/c none of us could read Chinese, she got there way early to prepare for the ceremony, she helped me fix my Slutsky McSlut dress, she guarded the gifts, she reminded everyone to sign in on both the cloth and to write a message on the little origami squares (and she did it in both English and Chinese). So I was just standing next to her like her b*tch :D, without much stress.

Anyway, the bride was gorgeous in a custom designed strapless gown with ruched details on the skirt and this very unique champagne-colored detail with beads going diagonally across the bodice. During the banquet, she changed into a maroon-colored velvety qipao during the table toasting and a gold halter dress during the cake cutting. Each time, her hair decorations were slightly changed to match the new dress.

The bride, a graphic/web designer by profession, designed really nice ceremony programs with cherry blossoms. She also totally outdid herself by tying ribbons and miniature silk roses onto each bubble container. And the last detail that I enjoyed were the fortune cookie favors. Each customized cookie was dipped in chocolate and decorated with a heart in the corner. The cookies were packaged in mini plastic takeout boxes, tied with a ribbon, and closed with a personalized sticker with their names and wedding date. I'm not usually a fan of fortune cookies, but these were surprisingly good (probably b/c of the chocolate!).

The banquet food was also surprisingly good -- the fish was not overcooked as it usually is, the chicken was cooked perfectly juicy and with very crispy skin, the shark fin soup had good chunky pieces, the vegetarian noodles that I usually find mushy and bland were not, and my favorite course, the cold cut appetizer had a very good and unique tiny octopus. There was also a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne on every table, which we didn't touch, but I'm sure was good.

Here's a pic of the happy couple framed by a BM's flowers and someone's shoulder (I'm just too short to get a good view!) with the best man standing by their side.
Congratulations again J & S! (I don't exactly have their permission to post their pic but I will gladly take it down if anyone wants me to.)


Sam (K) said...

Thanks a lot for ushering for our wedding Rosalynn! We were so happy to have you as part of our party. I hope it gave you insight to your own wedding, since we have such similiar venues.

I'm sure your wedding will even be better. I will be happy to help you with anything you need. You name it and I'm there!

myBFCW said...

It was my pleasure to do the little that I did. :) I quite enjoyed it -- thanks for allowing me to be on the "frontlines."
Oh, you'll surely regret volunteering to help.... :D