Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wedding websites

There are definite pros and cons to the free wedding websites out there (if only they could combine to have the good of all of them). After countless hours of trying out a few of them, I think I'm ready to publicize the use of's. The direct link is myNameandfirst3lettersofFiance' What I liked about WeddingChannel's sites is their connection to charitable giving -- every gift bought through their site results in a donation to a charity, in our case, Habitat for Humanity International (they didn't have the American Lung Association available). This is similar to the I Do Foundation's site which we also have an account for but IDF is not very user-friendly (even more so than WC). So I put a little note on our WeddingChannel site about our IDF site b/c they do donate to the Lung Association. Unfortunately, WC must've realized that ppl are using that space to publicize another site so some of the information is cut off. grrr...

I had also tried out the Knot's free websites, which is probably most user-friendly of all but I didn't like the
limitations for the registry information (there's no space to put information about the charitable stuff). And WC's sites also provide a friendly URL redirect so that it's easier to remember.

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