Saturday, June 24, 2006


It is freakishly dark outside -- what a perfect environment to explain the recent goings-on. Unfortunately, at the last wedding that I attended, a whole bunch of ppl got really sick (not me, fiance, or my BM though). Supposedly the ppl were visiting the porcelain goddess for days, for things coming out both ends. At first, everyone thought it was food poisoning but that theory stopped making sense when family members of those who got sick (who were not at the wedding) got sick also. So I think it was something viral passed on by some unscrupulous individual (perhaps waitstaff?). Then, fiance's grandmother got sick too. We don't know if it's related or not (a few of his aunts and uncles were inflicted too and they visit her weekly) but her doctor said that something is going around b/c there have been a lot of cases recently. Then FMIL (more on her later) told us that there have been reports in the Chinese newspaper (but how reliable is that?!) of outbreaks throughout the Ctown area, supposedly b/c of a bad distributor of food. Whatever the reason, the Department of Health was contacted and started calling everyone who was at the wedding. I was completely caught off guard b/c they called me on a Sunday and I hadn't given anyone my contact information. I wonder if they've come to any significant conclusion yet b/c I'd really like to know what happened, especially since I ate everything on the menu (and it was good!). Other than this minor incident, the wedding was fabulous!

So, because our banquet is at the same place that this wedding took place at, ppl (mostly FMIL and a few random ppl who are lucky to even be invited b/c if I had my way, they wouldn't be) were trying to convince us to change the location. These insane ppl think that we can just drop everything and find a new place in three months?! Never mind that I printed all the friggin' invitations already!! And I really don't think this was something isolated to the restaurant so any other place that we choose could have the same consequences. Besides, the restaurant is supposed to undergo renovations in August (please fix the bathrooms, I beg!!) and if there is something wrong w/ the restaurant, hopefully the health department will have taken care of it by then. There's nothing we can do and this extra stress I can really do without. But one thing I will do is provide hand-sanitizer in the bathrooms (maybe at each table? maybe as the favor?). Maybe Lysol too. haha(?)

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