Friday, October 13, 2006

BM goodies

It took me a while to decide what to give my BMs and I ended up assembling a bunch of orange items (some handmade, some not) and other stuff together that I hope they enjoyed receiving. I intended on giving out the packages at the rehearsal dinner but it was so noisy and crowded there (plus I was so tired and in such a pissy mood) that I ended up giving it to them at the hotel the night before. We were all busy working on last minute stuff (one BM was re-doing my nails and also helping my mother do hers while another one was doing last minute ironing) that I didn't get to see their reactions but at least they used some of the stuff on the day of....

LAVENDER EYE PILLOWS (made in orange to fit in with the color scheme): I started by making the middle one and realized it was a tad too short (but still functional) so I made the other ones longer. After all was said and done, I realized I also overstuffed these babies... oh well.

taken with flash

taken w/o flash

all wrapped up with some tissue paper, tied with leftover sheer red ribbon and a tag with use instructions, including putting in the freezer or microwave for cool/warm experience

FLORAL FACE CLOTH: knit up a long, long time ago (before I came up with a color theme, otherwise I'd have made all of them orange)

taken w/o flash

the washcloths after blocking (you'll notice these look more finished & flatter)

washcloths all wrapped up with a tag to explain use and care (excuse the weird background -- I had to hide the mess of my desk)

Aside from these items, I also included a pair of giant pearl earrings with a sterling silver setting, an orange scarf/shawl, a pair of Old Navy flip flops in maroon, and a bottle of papaya body lotion from Missha (in orange bottle).

I put all the things in an orange bag I found at H&M. It has lots of pockets which came in handy for holding all the various items. I then put the filled bags in a red paper gift bag and put the scarf on top since it was fairly hard to wrap everything.

Thanks for all your help (and patience in dealing with my Bridezilla moments) ladies!

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