Monday, October 2, 2006

I *heart* Hilton hotels!

I love Hilton hotels (despite the relation to that obscene Paris woman)! Ever since I stayed at the Embassy Suites, I've been hooked and I joined their rewards program. Having a suite the night before will be great to house all the BMs, plus my parents, if they so choose. My only regret is not booking a second night as well. So I was worried about having to check out at noon as the website indicates, but after calling them I learned that as a Hilton Honors member, I can check out at 2pm, more than enough time to get ready in the room since the ceremony is at 2. And the downtown location should make it a relatively quick trip between Ctown, so it's very convenient. They also serve made-to-order breakfast, my favorite meal of the day! Bacon and eggs, here I come!!

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