Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My apologies

I apologize for the lack of posts -- things have been crazy. Right now I'm trying to organize the hundreds of non-professional photos that ppl have snapped (haven't heard from the pro we hired yet). It's even more difficult to blog when I don't have my own computer (still at my parents' place) and the computers that are here have issues, the least of which is the lack of Photoshop. On top of all that, there is much to do at work so I can't do things during the day. And it takes me forever to get to the boondocks of Queens (yesterday it took me two hours just b/c it was raining -- ppl do stupid things on the road when it rains -- that never happens on the subway!!). And another thing to worry about after you get married (besides the name change thing, which I haven't decided on) that no one ever talks about is the combining/relinquishing of benefits, like health insurance (whose plan is better?) and flexible spending accounts (do I need to increase or decrease the amount I set aside based on my spouse's needs) b/c you only have 30 days to decide.

So if you're expecting a thank you note soon, don't.

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