Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Colors revisited

ColorBlender.com calculated the above blend of colors when I inputted a close approximation of the red that I'd like to use. I like the orange (and I did use the light gray for something) but I wish that I could see complementary colors (opposite colors on the color wheel) too. For example, I think complementary colors would help me get an idea of what color flowers would look nice on the cake. There will definitely be red on the cake (in a wide band on the bottom and maybe in a double happiness symbol on the top tier) but I want some flowers scattered throughout and I can't decide what color they should be. Narrowing down the color would also help in choosing the type of flower (baker needs to know relatively soon in order to order the right molds, if necessary). I want an elegant look (not playful) but not many flowers fall into the categories above.

But ColorBlender.com has definitely been helpful (it confirms some of my color choices) and I owe its discovery to the China Bridal message boards. The boards are my new obsession! I've never been a fan of the other boards but CB is actually helpful, especially with all those crazy/stupid Chinese traditions. And a lot of the ppl are going through the same stuff so I've found a lot of answers.

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