Wednesday, May 24, 2006

In a funk

I can't wait to start my "new life" with my Dear (I know, such a cliche) but really, I cannot wait. Mostly I cannot wait for this process to be over. No more surfing the web incessantly to find unique ideas that I can incorporate, then to actually weed out the fluff that I will never use (b/c of cost, time, or laziness), and to finally do/make what I decide on. (I hate making decisions and all this planning has really made that obvious!!) No more growing out the hair, trying to get my skin in shape, taking care of the nails and getting used to having them long, etc. -- in other words, I want to go back to my sloppy, low-maintenance self. No more looking for vendors (this has begun already b/c I am so tired of looking for the right person to do makeup, flowers, or DJ). And I can unsubscribe from all those wedding-related emails that provide mostly useless information but tease me with good content once in a while. No more arguing about what's 'best' (b/c no matter what I do, there is discussion, suggestions, etc. all of which do not help me) and then trying to defend my decisions (it's hard enough to come to a decision and then to have to change it to accomodate who the wedding is really for, b/c it's really NOT about the couple). What's worse is that I am having doubts about all the decisions that I've made already, like the restaurant, photographer, and dresses. Sigh....

Still left to do:
- hair and makeup
- find accessories (jewelry, veil)
- get shoes for red dress
- get comfortable insoles for other shoes
- flowers
- cake design and flavors
- printing & assembling invites
- favors
- meet with officiant
- settle with DJ/MC (iPod?!)

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Plumsauce said...

I like ipod idea for music. That way you can control what you play @ your wedding and not some DJ which may play horrible flashback music (unless it's your type of thing)