Saturday, December 24, 2005

Another weird dream

It started with me hearing a male voice outside my room answering two girls who asked "Where did she get the dress?" And the male answered "Vera Wang." Then the two girls come in and ask me if I need alterations done. I think this was asked in Chinese and I had to think for a minute how 'alterations' is said in Chinese. I played dumb and asked "For what?" But somehow I ended up modeling the dress for them, showing the problems. After I was done describing how I envisioned fixing the first one, one of the girls said it will be expensive. Then I showed the other problems and I asked them how much everything would be. They seemed eager for me to commit to letting them fix it but I wanted to see their other work. In the end I put my regular clothes back on and told them I'd consider it (though they still hadn't given me a price quote). For some reason I was all sweaty at the end of all this (is that TMI?! not that any of this is real). I hung the dress up and thought, oh what a perfect time to take more pictures for the blog. But that never happened, so I don't have anything to post. :)

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