Thursday, December 29, 2005

Pants, suits, belt and other gifts

The ridiculousness continues.... A few months ago I was told that fiance and I need to buy my brother a suit. Why, you ask? Because I happen to be the younger sibling and I'm getting married before he is. Other people told me that it's actually a pair of pants and that the younger sibling is supposed to walk underneath them so as not to jinx the older, unmarried sibling (yes, another silly way that luck plays into this). Some said that this only applies to male siblings (which makes sense, because as the old saying goes, it's easier to marry off daughters than sons). I have yet to confirm which of these is correct. Pants would not be so bad but an entire suit! I was incensed (still am, I think) that I was being punished for being more attractive (hahaha, had to throw that one in there) and getting married first. Besides, shouldn't the older sibling always take care of the younger one?

Then a few days ago, my mother tells me that she needs to buy fiance a pair of pants, a belt, and a wallet. This odd assortment of stuff all have a reason behind them but she could only remember that the wallet signifies
for him to be prosperous (not sure if that entails saving money but I think that's what she said). So as it stands, this request needs to be fulfilled with just the reason of "because that's what other ppl are doing." (Don't adults teach kids that peer pressure is bad?) Like the other odd request, she heard about this from someone else who heard about it from someone else (yes, if she was a recluse and didn't hear any of these stupid old wives' tales, aka a form of twisted gossip, I wouldn't be suffering this much!).

EDIT: see Some questions answered for some updated info

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