Monday, December 26, 2005


So Christmas has come and gone without much fanfare. I did get to thinking though, what's going to happen next year? We'll be our own family and it will be difficult to decide which side of the family to spend it with. As with Thanksgiving, where I hardly saw fiance because I wanted to be with my family, it was difficult to balance. It is a bit lopsided because my family never does anything (and when they do, it's last minute and plans have already been made) and I guess it's partially my fault because I don't take the initiative to do anything. But because Christmas was on a Sunday this year, we didn't go over to the FILs' until Sunday afternoon, after service so it was about 50/50.

The other thing I thought about was something a co-worker once suggested: getting Christmas ornaments that represent us by telling a story, like each ornament having a special meaning. For instance, she says that she picks up an ornament everywhere she travels to and that would've been a good tradition to start with in Japan (though I'm not sure anyplace would be selling Christmas paraphernalia in March). Oh well, we'll start with our honeymoon. :)

Oh, and as an addendum to the previous post, it's great to know there are so many supportive ppl out there. Aside from the ppl offering help in unexpected ways, ppl have also lent/given me books and magazines. So helpful -- I am so grateful!!

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