Thursday, September 21, 2006

Great lengths

It's funny what a wedding will do to you. For me, I've gone DIY-wild. For the mothers, they've both permed their hair (old Chinese women with wavy/curly hair -- phenomenon not often found in nature but oh so prevalent). FMIL dyed her hair... twice. The first time it came out purple (I really don't understand how this happens -- is the chemical composition of your hair more skewed to be the color purple as you age?) then supposedly she dyed it to a more natural shade. I'll know for sure tomorrow when I see her. My mother bought a whole bunch of makeup b/c she thinks she will apply her own makeup, even though she's never done so in her entire life. (I tell her my makeup artist can do her too but she wants to save me money.) And for my uncle, he will travel from Indonesia all the way here!

In other news, I am plagued with mosquito bites both old and new. The old ones have left unsightly bruise-like marks that everyone says looks like Dear beats me (when the opposite is more true). The new ones are itching like mad and I'm hoping won't leave a scar.

I'm also half way done with my veil! It's a bit tedious to do all the sewing but it's really not that difficult and I love watching it come together. Woo hoo! There's no way these things should cost upwards of $100.

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Sam (K) said...

I am on the floor laughing at the idea of Jon beating you. Oh, HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!