Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Overseas relatives

Yesterday my uncle called all the way from Indonesia. He is planning on coming to the wedding (if he can get the visa)! I haven't seen him in 20 or so years and I have no recollection of having ever met him when I was last in Indonesia (back in the first grade). I'm excited and I'd love to show him and his family around my favorite city (New York, of course!). I'd be so honored too, that he'd make this long trip just for my wedding.

On the other hand, all my HK relatives won't be able to make it. However, I received a gift in the mail today from my aunt. Supposedly it's what all the "young people" are wearing nowadays. But I wonder on what occasion I can wear it (it's a bit too casual for my wedding). Maybe the rehearsal dinner? Anyway, I took pics b/c I really like the packaging.

front of the bag

back of the bag (the top of the bag folds down and an attached ribbon feeds through a slot to the front, where it is tied into a bow)

Inside the bag, the jewelry box is a very interesting pod-like case that closes with a button (it's not so fuschia-like in real life, I just went a little overboard when adjusting the contrast).

The box opens from the middle to reveal the necklace inside.

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