Thursday, September 14, 2006

Much to do + transportation

Remember that feeling of having a huge project due when you were in school but being totally unprepared for everything b/c you've been procrastinating? I wish I could say I had that feeling when I was doing my thesis but I was actually quite ready for that. This wedding thing, I'm not. Come to think of it, this is more like a project at work b/c I can handle the written word, the research, the hours of reading and writing for a school project. But I can't make decisions and I dislike dealing with ppl (which is why I'll forever be a peon on the corporate ladder). Oh, and you know those nightmares ppl have? I don't have those b/c I can't sleep!

Anyway, things I have to do somewhat soon:
- finalize program (then print it, cut it & assemble)
- contact bartender
- get liquor
- find out what's up w/ the ceremony musicians
- guestbook
- compile must-take photos
- finalize flower selections
- lose a few pounds
- shape eyebrows
- pick our first dance song
- decide which cab to rent for the day

That's right, I have to decide between cabs. Today we went out to the Dyker Heights area of Brooklyn to meet this guy who showed us two models of checker cabs to choose from. The guy is super friendly, gave us brief histories of the cars, gave a little run through of the two, and even gave us a neat suggestion of decorating the car with a garland of flowers across the front of the car (by the windshield), which I think would be really nice.

I think the cabs are the coolest thing (so classy and different), especially the two jump seats in the back (which I didn't know about), which allow us to seat up to 4 ppl in the back (or more, I imagine). I think we can even fit 6 altogether, plus the driver.
the jump seat, folded out

view of the two jump seats, the one in the foreground is folded up into the back of the front seat

view of the full-replication dash, complete with original air conditioning, meter, and a bensi box tape deck (for easy removal when authenticity is important)

Anyway, these are the 2 choices. Which one do you like?
1965 two-color checker cab, which appeared in "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "The Producers" and other films

1968/69 checker cab which appeared in "When Harry Met Sally", "Ghostbusters II", "Catch Me If You Can", among others

Both are really roomy with the jump seats in the back. I'm leaning toward the one-color b/c it has the taxi meter of old (you flip something to start it and it spins around, he said) but I kinda like the uniqueness of the two-color one, though it isn't as memorable as the other one. Someone decide for me!


katy(wong) said...


i like the solid yellow one because the look is more authentic (when you think of a new york cab) .. also it looks a lot snazzier and classic than the two-toned one (which can look like someone's old-school/out-dated paint job)

that's my opinion......

tomas said...

Nice choice of transportation. I'd lean toward the one-color cab too. To my eyes, the plain yellow cab is just more classic looking. Also, the green on the two-tone might make decorating more challenging.

So who gets to ride those comfy-looking jump seats?

fiona said...

hello! i just discovered your blog and it's fascinating. i'm chinese-american as well and i had no idea about the dowry thing. i just hope my parents won't make me go through the same thing if i ever get married!

my vote is for the green and yellow cab, but only because it was in "breakfast at tiffanys", which is one of my favourite films.