Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The guestbook

Guestbooks have always baffled me. I never know what to sign besides my name, and that always reminds me of how I feel when I am visiting someone's office and the security guard stops me at the front desk to sign in. At the banquet, there is the red cloth (which I've always liked the idea of b/c you can actually hang it afterwards, as opposed to putting away like a regular guestbook b/c I really can't imagine anyone having the desire to pull it out to read through). For the ceremony, I thought I'd do something like Martha's idea of using iron-on transfer paper to customize a plain sketchbook.
I even got a red sketchbook from Borders, but I couldn't figure out what I should put on the cover. Plus Dear forbade me to do any more DIY projects.

Then I read about using photography books on Weddingbee, akin to how ppl create photo albums with lots of white space for guests to sign on. I loved the idea of not doing something traditional. So since we're having a fall wedding and there is a fall theme going on, Dear suggested we do a book of fall photos. We ordered this from Amazon, and it finally arrived today (after I got a notice of delay that it wouldn't arrive until a month after the wedding).

Since there wasn't a "Look Inside" feature with this book and no bookstores carry it w/o being special ordered, we took the gamble that there would be enough pictures and white space to sign on. And I think there is, plus the pictures are really nice. The colors are so vibrant and it reminds me of why I love autumn. The pictures also remind me of the times we've hiked Bear Mountain in the fall and also of the leaves we gathered last year. I can see actually putting this book on my shelf and occasionally taking it out once in a while to look at the pretty pictures and to read guest comments along the way. And under $15, this is a very inexpensive guestbook alternative!

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